Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stranded...What To Do?!

Last night my battery died on my vehicle. It's 6:00 pm and I'm all alone at work. What to do?

Well, calling AAA was pointless b/c apparently I'm not covered like I thought...only DH is.

I then called boss since he left office maybe 5 minutes before I planned to. As I was waiting for him I retrieved shovel from office b/c of course I'm parked in front of snowbank. Then I crawl to the back of my vehicle to get jumper cables. Just opening the lift gate would have been great, but it seems having a power lift gate isn't that great in these instances. I'm now freezing as I'm only wearing dress shoes and it was about 18° I believe. Boss comes, I get the cables hooked up but... it's not working. I know I have everything hooked up right and even tried a few different things. Damn.

After trying for what seems like forever DH calls and just says he's coming. I go into office to warm up my toes and wait...and wait...and wait. I already spend 10 hours at work so the last thing I wanted to do was just kill time at work. Ugh!

So to conclude my story... DH saves the day and all it took was him jumping me in my work parking lot ;P I told him I tried everything he was doing so I don't know what went wrong.

Tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing at home with my boys...and maybe a glass of wine!

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